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Endurance long forgotten

  • Thu 01 July 2004
  • work

It's been a month and a half... working non-stop, 10-12 hours a day, 7 days a week... I don't remember when exactly my endurance was depleted, maybe a week or two ago.

I don't know exactly how I can continue working and thinking....

It's not my compromise to the job, I now officially hate my job, it's not ethics... I've always been a practical person and don't care too much for that (not that I'm a lazy employee), any of the two reasons above have been long passed, and I am still here.

It's because I am too damn stubborn (and ugly) to know when to give up, I learned a lot more Java in a week than I learned in two years... I now know a lot more JavaScript than two weeks ago.

I officially hate JavaScript now.

How can you expect the unexpected in JavaScript? how do you make (or emulate) polymorphic methods in JavaScript? and most importantly... why the fuck there's no standard JavaScript?.

Yesterday I almost went crazy finding a way to recognize if an element is hidden or disabled so I don't have to validate it... I learned two important things:

1) element.style.display and element.style.visibility are two very different things, not just from the attributes point of view (the first uses ""/"none" and the second uses "visible"/"hidden"), but from the inheritance point of view: visibility inherits from the container object in HTML, while display doesn't. This took me 3 hours and a lot of testing.

2) element.disabled and element.isDisabled don't return the same frigging thing, usually the property isDisabled returns exactly what the element state is, while disabled doesn't do so. This took me another 3 hours and more testing.

Today there's no song... I'm too fscking tired... and it's just 10:00 am