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I have no words to say...

Literally, I have no words to say.

I've been pretty much out of the whole picture these last couple of weeks. But the main reason is that I had my tonsillectomy on the 28th. I was mostly mute for the whole week, and I survived mostly out of the huge reserves my body had stored for such a situation (yeah, I am not overweight, I am ''prepared'' ;)). That also meant that I could hardly focus on anything without feeling tired, and I was feeling kitty-weak for the whole week.

Having no way to swallow food sure puts things in perspective, there are certain things (not people) that I love in this world, and one of them is the food: cook and eat it. One of my dreams is to study/learn new cuisines, originated in no small part from my love of the tastes, textures and smells that different dishes can have. And being unable to even swallow a pop corn was driving me crazy. I didn't eat anything for 4 days after the surgery mostly due to the pain (and thinking on how it would hurt if I ate). Finally on the 5th day I decided I wanted a grape, and what would be my surprise when I couldn't even taste it. That's when I snapped.

I started doing all kind of exercises to recover my sense of taste and to speed up the whole recovery process, and thankfully, I am almost up to par again now. I did them even if they hurt, I thing I was honestly being a sissy, and the loss of taste was the push I needed to finally kick things into action.

I'll be 100% again soon I hope :)

Oh, one more thing, I'm moving back to the Bay Area on the 19th, so if you have or hear about any apartment in the area (San Francisco or south-ish San Francisco) give me a shout.