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Take my heart out

As usual, my (now) weekly post.

Been kinda off the web, for obvious reasons, I haven't had time to do Jaws Hacking as my work has been taking all of my time, and I've been kinda busy during the nights...

Ion cancelled and said that he went to El Paso and bought some goodies, so he cannot come to FNSM and get __a little__ drunk, so I'll just have to go by myself :-p

I now have WiFi access at the university, so I'll give some love (finally) to my orinoco silver, I just need to find it now, he he.

I've been thinking in doing a little gadget for jaws, though it will be very simple, it will be something to alleviate a very annoying thing for me... let's see what can be done (is **really** small, but what the heck...)

I made a little Jaws theme for my site, it's nothing fancy, just my usual "easy to the eyes" style, I feel it comfortable while reading, so is enough for me (though if anybody is willing to give me a prettier one, I'll be very thankful :-)), so just clean your cookies for this domain and check for yourself

Gotta go now, be back next week (on tuesday I think)