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The Patient

  • Fri 15 October 2004
  • oss

Got nothing much to say, in fact I'm just writing because I am currently doing nothing at work, currently means I've been doing nothing for about 10 minutes...

PiWi is finally up and running, it has sweet widgets, pabl0 has done a very good job (but don't tell him that I said so)

Some advances in the gadget-mvc docs, hopefully they will get posted on saturday or sunday, together with VisitCounter-mvc, once I decide what to use for counting days, I don't like cookies.

I'm now working with linux at work again, back to Java, a lot of things to do... things are looking grey for my team ahead, but I have a feeling this is all for the better.

It's time to go home...

Tool - Ticks & Leeches

BTW. when I was saying this, I was talking about Fedora's Apt4RPM, not Debian's...