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Wanted: DBA Ninja, Systems Engineer Soldier

  • Mon 01 February 2010
  • work

So, long time no see... I'll post a proper update later, but for now I am here to tell you that we (our team at digg.com) are looking for someone with Kick-Ass DBA Skills(TM) as well as someone that makes the cut for a Systems Engineer. If you:

  • Enjoy databases
  • Like kicking hard problems in the butt
  • Get excited at the prospect of wading through enormous quantities of data
  • Know your way around MySQL
  • Can estimate network/db/page latency at a glance
  • Are open minded about what the future of databases will bring
  • Get warm and fuzzy feelings when working with open source tools day and night


  • Speak in terms of datacenters
  • Like running complicated scripts making potentially dangerous operations across tons of servers (and know how to fix everything if it breaks)
  • Enjoy the thrill of production live changes
  • Hack python code and bash scripts to automate stuff you don't want to do
  • Know enough perl and/or ruby to find your way around (CPAN, gems, essential linguistics)
  • Know or -even better!- have worked with puppet
  • Debian (or any other distro) packaging experience

You are likely to fit in nicely with our eclectic group. This is what you will get:

  • An awesome working environment
  • To be part of a bad-ass team
  • To play with the most recent toys in terms of databases
  • A large environment to mold as you see fit
  • Standard bay-area startup stuff
  • Interesting stuff to do every day

We work mostly with debian but, really, you won't notice the difference even if you come from another linux-flavored background. You MUST know linux/unix, a lot of it, that's for sure.

If you think you have what it takes (or know someone who does) shoot me an email with your resume to kad at the company I work for. The job is located in San Francisco, CA, USA. So you must have the means (legal, language, etc) to move here and work here.

Besides the above, digg is hiring!, so if you see something that catches your eye, shoot me an email.