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Whatever happened to the hostname?

  • Mon 07 September 2009
  • oss

Dear lazy web:

I have two machines working right now, one with fedora, the other with ubuntu live cd. Both machines connect wirelessly to my main router, but only the ubuntu machine displays its hostname in the router client table (in this case "ubuntu"), while the fedora machine is identified by the IP address. This is annoying because I can "ping ubuntu" and it would answer back, but I cannot "ping fedora".

If I connect the machines via ethernet, they both behave the same and I can see the hostname properly set in the router. Both machines answer OK to host lookups as well.

What's the deal? I'm guessing it has something to do with the way fedora handles the ifcfg scripts, but so far I've encountered no way for fedora to set the hostname in the router as ubuntu does.



It must be my medication still wearing off (or so I hope that's the reason why I missed the whole point here). My main concern, or rather, my question is: What's the difference between ubuntu and fedora's implementation of NetworkManager? I am using it for both machines, what params ubuntu is reading (and from where) that fedora is not?