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  • Tue 03 March 2015
  • oss

Cannot remove $SOME_MOCK_CHROOT/var/lib/machines?

UPDATE So it turns out these files were part of an existing BTRFS subvolume, that's why I couldn't delete them. I rarely (if ever) mess with subvolumes so I am not entirely sure how these came to be, but there you go. I was doing some packager work and tried …

  • Wed 12 November 2014
  • oss

Vagrant + libvirt + multiple VMs

So I finally bit the bullet and decided to play with vagrant. But, since I utterly hate having to mess with virtualbox or (worse) vmware, I decided I'd take a shot at using vagrant with the tried and true kvm/qemu setup. First of all, this is a collection of …

  • Fri 12 September 2014
  • oss

uWSGI 2.0.7 (and where are the SELinux packager guidelines?)

Yes I've been... slacking. A lot. I am so very sorry. However I finally sat down and re-did most of the spec file for uwsgi and the result is that I pushed it to updates [1], which I hope will come (at the very least) as a first-day upgrade after …