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uWSGI 2.0.7 (and where are the SELinux packager guidelines?)

Yes I've been... slacking. A lot. I am so very sorry. However I finally sat down and re-did most of the spec file for uwsgi and the result is that I pushed it to updates [1], which I hope will come (at the very least) as a first-day upgrade after F21 actually lands.

If you use uWSGI and are willing to test it, please do so and let me know or, alternatively, leave karma/comments in bodhi.

There's a couple of outstanding bugs still in my uwsgi list, one of them is to (finally) package it for EL6 (which shouldn't be too hard) and the other is to add a SELinux policy which... yeah. I haven't the slightest clue how this can be done.

Looking at other packages, I am guessing the less painful or intrusive way would be to add an additional sub-package for uwsgi-selinux or similar, which people who do run with SELinux in targeted/enforced mode can easily install. In a later version perhaps it will be pulled from the get go, but I got a feeling this should suffice for now.

Related: I did browse the fedora wiki pages and found no information about this specific thing, i.e. "how to generate/package SELinux policies for packages that lack them so far." The wiki has been my one stop for mostly everything other packager-related doubts I've had in the past, and has worked perfectly fine for like every other thing, just need to browse the packaging guidelines category [2] and you will find mostly anything.

If anyone has pointers about SELinux policy packaging, kindly do let me know :)